August 19, 2009

House Parties for Hope

If you haven't seen the brilliant Academy Award-winning documentary "Born Into Brothels," here's a great reason to get off your butt and see it - AND raise money for a great case.

On Friday, October 2nd - in celebration of Gandhi's 140th birthday - Kids with Cameras Foundation is calling on folks around the world to host house-screening parties of this moving 2004 film by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman.

All funds raised through these "House Parties for Hope" will help the foundation reach its goal of raising $1.2 million to complete the construction of Hope House - the legacy project of the film.
The facility will be a safe haven in which 100 girls from Calcutta's red light district can live, study and develop the skills and confidence to change their circumstances.

Fantastic idea, and it's not as if watching this incredible movie is a drag. It's one of the best documentaries you'll ever see. Rent it, get in some popcorn and invite some friends over.

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