August 26, 2009

Laughter As Medicine

Like yawns and the H1N1 virus, laughter is infectious. Can't prove it, of course, but if I was worried about being able to back up my statements with evidence, I'd be writing for the New York Times rather than this blog. What I can say is that laughter has been scientifically proven to be good for you. This press release from the University of Maryland says so:

So, to mark the latest of Miss Do-Gooder's 'Thank Goodness Thursdays' (stick with me here) I'm going to say a quick "Thank Goodness" for laughter. A little tenuous, perhaps, but we've started a Thursday theme and by God we're going to see it through. So here are a few people who are guaranteed to help you get your laugh on, and who, according to the University of Maryland, could be just what the doctor ordered.

Jim Gaffigan: Gaffigan has been recognized as the Funniest Man Alive every year since 1982*. His riffs are so fundamentally and structurally hilarious he never has to resort to the gimmick, the risque punchline or even a cussword to get a belly laugh. Fill your fat lazy boots at

Kathleen Madigan: Runs Gaffigan a close second. This woman knows how to bring the funny. Check out her tour schedule at

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show): Can nobody else see things for the way they are? Proof that humor is the best (and sometimes last) defense. Check out

*In this household, anyway. Didn't know him as a child, but he must have displayed unrivalled comic ability from the moment he was old enough to eat bacon.

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