October 15, 2009

Change Agent

David Bowie wrote about it. So did Sheryl Crow and Blind Melon. It’s the only constant. The more things do it, the more they stay the same.

Oh, Change. Some of us love you. Some of us, well, you scare the crap out of us. But we do know a majority of voters Believe in You.

Do we live in a time of transformative change? We have that new fellow in the White House, of course. Our political system is finally free from the gravitational pull of money, self-interest, greed and ego, and our elected representatives are at last acting in the public interest so that we can all have great healthcare, financial security, a job …

What? Oh, right. Anyway, there has to be some change going on out there that we’re happy about. And if you happen to find some, here’s your chance to shout about it from the Internet’s rooftops.

Change.org, the online hub for social change, wants you to pick your favorite “Changemaker” (you can actually pick up to 10). They’ve got dozens to choose from including activists, scientists, bloggers, big thinkers, elected officials, even a few actors and filmmakers. And there’s a wide variety of causes to choose from including animal rights, human rights, gay rights, poverty, war and peace, the environment and sustainable food to name a few.

Can’t find your favorite Changemaker on the list? Go ahead and nominate your own. Heck, you can even nominate yourself. But only once!

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