October 8, 2009

Cleanliness is Next to Goodliness

Over the years, Dove has done a heck of a lot to promote self-esteem among women. It all began with their “Campaign for Real Beauty” back in 2004. I’m sure you remember the ads, the ones featuring beautiful, REAL women (with actual curves and even a few wrinkles) clad in nothing but their skivvies. It was positively (pun intended) revolutionary.

This fall, Dove is teaming up with Girls Inc. to help promote self-esteem among girls. They’re calling it their “Thank You” campaign. Here’s how it works: through December, purchase a product from Dove, go to their website, enter the UPC (product) code and choose to donate one dollar to Girls Inc.

Your dollar will help support Girls Inc. Mind + Body, a new initiative which gives girls the knowledge, skills, and attitude it takes to form and maintain a healthy and positive sense of self. So lather up, moisturize, click and repeat! With Dove products of course.

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