October 5, 2009

Good Kitty

The folks over at Purina – specifically the Yesterday’s News people, makers of the environmentally friendly cat litter – want to hear your favorite ideas for making the world a little bit greener.

You’ve got three categories to choose from: doing eco-good for your cat, for your home, or for the environment. And 300 words to do it in. (Eco-good for your cat? If it was easy everyone would enter.)

If they pick your story, $15,000 will be awarded to a local “do-gooder” organization of your choice. You’ll also get $5,000 in cash and a year’s supply of kitty litter. Not to mention the local celebrity that comes with having 52 weeks’ worth of cat litter sitting on your doorstep.

And, for every qualifying entry they receive by October 23rd, Yesterday’s News will donate $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation, which will plant a tree on your behalf.

So, as they put it on their website, it pays to be a do-gooder. Like I couldn’t have told you that.

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