October 2, 2009

Today is Lance's Day

Lance Armstrong has had a lot of things to celebrate over the years. Seven Tour de France wins, beating cancer and, of course, his hugely successful LIVESTRONG Foundation - the brilliant force behind those bright yellow wristbands that raised gazillions of dollars for cancer research.

Now he has yet another reason to celebrate: his very own day! Today, MDG is happily marking LIVESTRONG Day, which has been established to celebrate cancer survivorship and spread awareness of the fight against the disease around the globe.

And perhaps coolest of all you can go to http://www.livestrongaction.org/ and sign a petition which urges Congress to pass life-saving health insurance reforms to help protect cancer survivors. A great cause, a great new day for the calendar, and an important opportunity to get those laggards on The Hill to get their butts into gear and pass some meaningful health legislation.

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