October 14, 2009

Trash Talk

A programming note for my beloved, stinky, pinko-commie-liberal San Francisco neighbors:

The other night I was hanging out with a friend, slurping cheap wine, and by the end of the third glass I'd pretty much learned everything I ever wanted to know about San Francisco’s new mandatory compost law (it was that kind of a night). I won't burden (I mean, "enlighten," of course!) you with all of the nitty gritty details, but here are a few highlights I think you should know.

First, it goes into effect one week from today (October 21). That's basically, like, tomorrow. Second, it's aimed at both businesses and residents. No exceptions. So unless you want to throw away (geddit?) your -- or your landlord's -- hard-earned money on a hefty fine, you’re going to have to order your very own green bin before then. Don’t panic; it’s super easy and it won’t cost you a dime.

Just call Golden Gate Disposal (415-626-4000) or Sunset Scavenger (415-330-1300) and they’ll drop off a compost bin with your next scheduled trash pickup. For free. Not a homeowner yet? Simply call your landlord and politely ask them to get you one unless they want to have the green garbage gang emptying their wallets.

Prefer something a bit more stylish for your compostables? Check out Williams-Sonoma’s Ceramic Compost Pail ($32). It’s stink-proof (the lid has a carbon filter) and holds up to a gallon of all your compostable bits and pieces.

Go to SFRecycling.com to find a list of exactly what you can compost (basically anything that used to be alive) and what you can’t (you can keep the pooper scoopings to yourself, thank you). And that goes double for your dirty diapers. Definitely NOT compostable.

Once you get the swing of it, I bet you’ll be one happy composter.

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