January 26, 2010

May Contain Nuts

This post does not contain a charity element per se, but your participation (e.g. vote) can help the next Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child earn a college scholarship, which is a pretty tasty idea. Ten aspiring junior chefs from around the country are competing in Jif’s “Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest,” and they need you to narrow it down to five.

The top sandwich maker will win a $25,000 scholarship grand prize. Four runners-up will each receive a $2,500 scholarship fund.

You’ve got until February 12 to vote for your favorite recipe – which include More Rockin' Moroccan Peanutty Pitas, Nutty Texas Panini with a Hula, the Big Sassy Chicken Satay, and PB & Fruity Says "Let Us Rap.” Go to http://www.jif.com/ to place your vote and help send a kid to college - or maybe become the next Top Chef.

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