January 19, 2010

The New Pepsi Challenge

If you’ve got a project that’s innovative AND optimistic (pessimists need not apply), then Pepsi may just have the cash to help you get it off the ground. The Pepsi Refresh Project has $20 million to award in 2010 – to people, businesses and non-profits with ideas that will help move communities forward. Grants range in amounts from $5K all the way up to $250K.

There are six different categories to choose from: health, arts & culture, food & shelter, the planet, neighborhoods and education. Just make sure it’s something refreshing!

You’ve got until January 24 to submit your idea (or until they receive 1,000 ideas, whichever comes first) at http://www.refresheverything.com/. Website visitors will vote for their favorite concept from February 1-28). If your idea didn’t make the cut in January, you can try again on February 1.

Winning ideas will be announced at the end of February. Then the whole process starts over - each month - for the rest of the year.

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