February 17, 2010

The Crafty Icon and the Free Bag of Pet Food

Unless you live in a cave, you’re probably aware of how crafty Martha Stewart is, but did you also know that she’s a huge animal lover? If you don’t believe me, check out her blog, “The Daily Wag: Adventures of Francesca and Sharkey.” And as if that isn’t enough proof, Ms. Stewart has teamed up with a very well known pet food company for their “Purina ONE Tour for Heroes.”

You won’t actually find Martha at any of the tour stops, silly - she's busy being crafty somewhere else - but what you will find is a specially equipped mobile unit giving away free pet food (one bag per person) at local shelters in select cities including Jacksonville, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Pt. Washington, NY. It's a good idea, because in these dire economic times one has to wonder if some people are finding pet food a tough expense to bear. One free bag certainly won't solve the problem, but every little bit counts.

If you don’t happen live near one of those cities, you can still do your part to help homeless animals. Simply click here to search their database of more than 65,000 adoptable pets, then just share their adorable profiles on your Facebook page. For every pet shared until March 15, Purina will donate $1 worth of pet food to food banks across the country (up to $50,000 worth of pet food).

So, please, do be a hero, and click here.

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