February 2, 2010

Green Dogs

Is your dog doing everything it can to reduce its carbon paw print? Think he (or she) has what it takes to be “Green Dog of the Year?” Mother Nature Network wants to know, and has announced a new competition to showcase pets who are raised in "an environmentally conscious household" and love the great outdoors. Your pup also has to "find joy in the natural world" (as opposed to the unnatural world - so I wouldn't bother mentioning the hours it spends on the couch connecting with other dogs in Second Life.)

The winner will be named “Green Dog of the Year”, be featured on the home page of Mother Nature Network (MNN.com), and win a year's supply of Eukanuba's Naturally Wild Formula dog food.

There are a few tips for budding eco-hounds here. You can also get a peek at past winners. You have until February 12 to send them photos of your favorite four-legged environmentalist doing his/her part to reduce his/her impact on the Earth. Then they’ll decide who’s the greenest of them all.

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