February 25, 2010

Hand Over Your Lunch Money

Here’s a clever fundraising idea from all the way up north in the beautiful city of Toronto. Today, February 25, thousands of Torontonians will be brown bagging it in honor of Lunch Money Day.

This annual event is the main fund-raising campaign for Second Harvest, an organization that runs a food rescue and redistribution program in Toronto, picking up food from grocery stores, distributors and food manufacturers and passing it on to food banks, shelters drop-in centers.

The idea is simple. Just take the money that you would’ve normally spent on that limp deli sandwich and donate it to Second Harvest instead. You should be bringing food from home to save money anyway - there's a global recession on, for God's sake.

Second Harvest will do the rest. Every dollar donated buys two meals, so every donation goes a long way to feeding the hungry.

Here's a thought: why don't we start a Lunch Money Day (or Morning Coffee Money Day) here in the US to help feed our hungry compatriots?

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