March 30, 2010

Can Do Spirit

If you’ve got a cat that prefers the canned stuff, hopefully you’re tossing all the empties into the big blue bin (yep, they’re aluminum and should be recycled, just like soda cans). Apparently only half of you cat owners are recycling all of your cans all of the time, however. Fifty percent of you are therefore living in a state of shame and need to redeem yourselves stat.

With the recent launch of its “Together We Can” campaign, Purina hopes to encourage all pet owners (including canine keepers) to recycle their pet-food cans. There's even an online Purina pledge you can take which, until May 30, will generate up to $100,000 in Purina donations to Keep America Beautiful, a nationwide nonprofit that creates cleaner, greener communities by preventing litter, reducing waste, recycling, planting trees, and spurring volunteer action.

Together, we can do it!

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