March 18, 2010

Credit Worthy

American Express is “expressing” its charitable intentions by partnering with (created by Participant Media, the brilliant minds behind groundbreaking films like "The Cove" and "Food Inc.") to create the Members Project, a simple idea that will provide large wads of cash to deserving charities.

(Apologies for once again blogging about an idea from Corporate America, but the big companies have the big bucks to pay the big PR firms to come up with the big programs that give big money to awesome charities who richly deserve support. Means and ends, right?)

Whether you're an Amex cardholder or not, you can register at to make a donation, volunteer for a local organization (you’ll be rewarded with points if you’re an Amex member) or vote for a charity that you think deserves additional funding from American Express.

You can vote once a week for the charity of your choice, and every three months five selected organizations will each receive $200,000. There are 50 charities to choose from (including my faves ASPCA and The Jane Goodall Institute) in categories such Arts & Culture, Community Development, Environment & Wildlife, Education and Health & Wellness.

So whether you're an Amex Blue, an Amex Platinum or an Amex Wannabe, sign up and let this credit card interest do some good.

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