March 12, 2010

Ditch the Denim

You’ve got until Sunday to gather up all your old denim (any brand, any style, any size) and bring it to the Gap, where it’ll be converted into eco-friendly insulation for the needy.

It’s all part of Cotton Inc.’s COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN" campaign, which over the past five years has converted more than 200 tons of recycled jeans into Ultra Touch Cotton Fiber insulation for more than 540 homes built in areas destroyed by natural disasters. This year, Gap came on board as the first retail sponsor of this cool annual event.

Since no good deed goes unrewarded, shoppers who recycle their denim by Sunday, March 14 at the Gap, babyGap, or GapKids will receive a 30 percent coupon off a new denim purchase. Admit it, those “skinny” jeans really aren’t that comfortable (or flattering), so why not put them to good use and help keep someone warm and dry.

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