March 24, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hall (of Fame)

Cal Ripken, Jr. and the Energizer Bunny(R) are looking for stories about unstoppable people who are living life with vim and vigor for this year’s “Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame.” Perhaps deliberately, certainly serendipitously, this rabbit-raising rally cry takes place over Easter, the time of year when we all take a moment to celebrate the humble bunny. And eggs and Jesus.

The national baseball hall of famer (and honorary inductee into the EKGHOF, as it will henceforth be known) has teamed up with America’s most energetic bunny – and the competition for that title is steep – to search for its fifth inductee since its 2006 launch.

If you know someone who has the spirit and enthusiasm of the Energizer Bunny, they could walk away with a $10,000 cash prize, a $5,000 donation to their favorite charity, and of course the opportunity to become the fifth inductee into the EKGHOF, which includes a special induction ceremony at the EKGHOF in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m going to write EKGHOF again just because I can.

The contest keeps going and going until April 23. After that, nominees will be narrowed to a field of 100 semifinalists who will be honored in their respective hometowns.

Next, a panel of judges will select 10 finalists whose names and stories will be posted online. (If you’re using another brand of battery while reading this you may not get to the end of the post, but Energizer Bunnies are no doubt as fresh now as they were when I started.)

After that, from July 6 to August 20, individuals can go online and vote for their favorite “Bunny,” at which point it all starts to sound a bit Hugh Hefner. Each vote will trigger a $1.00 donation from Energizer to the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged young people across America through baseball-themed programs.

Click here to read about the four elite members of the EKGHOF as well the 36 finalists that have been honored over the past four years.

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