March 26, 2010

Who Couldn't Use a Little More Pukka Grub?

Jamie Oliver (aka The Naked Chef) has crossed the pond to start an all-out food revolution in our great (big fat) nation. It's saying something when even the British are complaining about our food, but that's a post for another day.

If you want America’s kids to get fresh, healthy food at school (instead of nasty fried fish sticks and instant mashed potatoes), please show your support by signing this petition.

More than 50,000 people so far are saying no to junk food in school cafeterias and yes to freshly-cooked nutritious meals (California is in the lead with over 7,600 signatures) simply by signing their name and email address on the dotted line.

He’s also busy stirring up a revolution on television with his new show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” The boisterous British chef heads to Huntington, West Virginia - otherwise known as the unhealthiest city in America - to kick off his new cooking initiative. He hopes to get Huntington off the list and ignite a chain reaction of positive change across the country.

The revolution starts tonight (March 26) at 8:00 PM EST on ABC. Click here to sign the petition, check out Jamie’s favorite recipes, wine picks, and even get a peek at his diary.

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