April 20, 2010

Challenge for Good

As you might already know, Miss Do-Gooder is an ardent supporter of any and all animal-related charities, be they big, small, local, national, rescues, shelters, foster and/or adoption activists. If it saves or helps prevent cruelty toward animals, she digs it. So when she heard that the ASPCA just launched its “$100K Challenge” (which awards more than the name suggests; it’s actually worth $125,000 in prizes, go figure), it was important to our diminutive superhero to spread the good word.

If you know of a shelter in your area that's doing extraordinary things to promote the saving of animals' lives, please click here. In order to qualify for this particular award, a shelter must save a minimum of 300 more cats, dogs, kittens and puppies from August through October, 2010, compared with the same three-month period last year. The ASPCA will also grant $25,000 to the shelter that most inspires and engages members of its community to get involved with the promotion of adoptions and reuniting lost pets with their parents (e.g. micro-chipping).

You’ve got until June 30 to nominate your favorite shelter, but please act quickly because the Challenge is limited to 50 shelters - and as you probably know, there are thousands of worthy shelters across the US.

Please click here for the official rules or to enter your shelter to win the big bucks.

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