April 30, 2010

Game Changer

If you’re looking for something to fill those agonizing hours before quitting time and you’re sick of surfing the same old sites, here are a few new ones that will not only boost your brain power but also give back to worthy causes.

Test your vocabulary skills at FreeRice.org. For every answer you get right, they’ll donate twenty grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. And with difficulty levels ranging from 1 to 60, happy hour will be here before you know it.

Having trouble remembering that “tall guy’s name with a moustache” that you met at lunch two hours ago? HelpThirst.com’s brain training game boasts that it not only improves your short term memory recall, but it can also help with focus and attention span issues. Plus, they’ll donate a cup of water to World Vision for every correct answer.

At Charitti.com, there are over 10,000 crossword-style word games just waiting to be solved. Plus you get to pick which charity you’re playing for through their cool CharitiiChooser gizmo. Whether its donating ounces of clean drinking water, grains of wheat to feed malnourished families, minutes of education time in a classroom, or inches of protected rainforest, it’s truly a win/win situation.

Heck, you might be having so much fun that you don’t even notice that the weekend has finally arrived.

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