May 27, 2010

Go Good Go

Save the Children and the Ad Council have teamed up for “See Where the Good Goes,” a national public service campaign aimed at educating Americans about the importance of local health workers when it comes to newborn and child survival in developing countries.

The uplifting and sometimes humorous ads – created pro bono by BBDO ad agency – direct viewers to a new Web site, where you can watch videos and blogs of health care workers in the developing world to "see where the good goes" when you donate to Save the Children.

Watch and listen to firsthand stories from local health workers who are truly making a difference in countries including Bangladesh, Mali, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Malawi. Then choose one of the many ways that you can lend a hand.

Click here to support local health workers and see just where your good can go.

May 26, 2010

World Cup Leads to Net Gains for UN Fund

If your attention has been monopolized by the rollercoaster ride that is the NBA playoffs (Go Lakers!), or if you're just an American, you may not have realized that the World Cup in South Africa is a mere 15 days away (June 11-July 11). C'mon, people, it's the world's largest sporting event.

Well, United Against Malaria (UAM) -- a partnership of soccer teams, celebrities, health and advocacy organizations, governments, corporations, and soccer fans around the globe -- is rather focused on the whole thing, and they’re using the fanfare surrounding this quadrennial feast of football to raise awareness of this deadly, but treatable, disease. UAM’s sole goal is to eliminate malaria by 2015. And they need your help.

For just ten bucks, you can protect a family for up to five years: $5 for the mosquito net and $5 to educate them how to use it. All donations to UAM go to the United Nation Foundation fund for Malaria, AIDS and TB, which supports malaria prevention projects in Africa.

Some sobering malaria facts::

- Malaria kills a child in Africa
every 30 seconds and nearly one million people each year.

- Worldwide, 3.3 billion people are at risk of malaria — that’s
half of the world's population.

- 91 percent of malaria deaths occur in Africa; 85 percent of these are children under 5 years of age.

Go to for more information, and while you're there sign the virtual soccer ball to pledge your support. Then add a personal message and pass it on to your friends, family, colleagues, and diehard soccer fans via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

You can also play the World Cup Challenge: Kick Malaria Game, purchase cool merchandise from the UAM store, and of course, make a donation for this great cause.

There - made it to the final whistle with nary a lame soccer pun.

May 24, 2010

The Lazarus Effect

Anyone with HBO or an Internet connection should try to catch tonight’s much-anticipated premiere of “The Lazarus Effect.” The 30-minute documentary – featuring Don Cheadle, Orlando Bloom, Lucy Liu, Benicio Del Toro, Christy Turlington, Ludacris, Claire Danes and many more friends of the RED AIDS campaign – illustrates how the life of someone with HIV/AIDS can, in just 40 days, be transformed with two small, inexpensive pills taken daily.

The film shows how a life-saving antiretroviral medicine that costs just 40 cents a day has been the difference between life and death for four HIV-positive people – Connie, Paul, Constance and Bwalyz - in Zambia. As the documentary points out, there's not much you can do with 40 cents per day - apart, it would seem, from saving a human life.

Brought to you by super-cool executive producer Spike Jonze and director Lance Bangs, “The Lazarus Effect” airs tonight on HBO at 9 PM EST, and on YouTube at 9:30 PM EST. Brit do-gooders, meanwhile, can catch it on Channel 4 at 11 PM GMT. Click here for more information.

May 20, 2010

Rising Above the Crowd

Actor/writer/director/producer/activist/marathon runner Edward Norton can now add “Web platform” creator to his list of accomplishments. His new site Crowdrise – a cool combination of social networking and volunteerism - empowers regular folks like you and me (and a few celebrities including Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan and Kristen Bell) to give back, get involved, and have fun while doing it.

It takes less than a minute to create a personal profile and from there the sky’s the limit. You can create your very own Project Page where you’ll hopefully go on to raise tons of cash for your bike race, bake sale, or other funky fundraiser, donate directly to your favorite charity (there are over 4,000 to choose from), or give your money, time and/or social networking skills to someone else’s project. There are hundreds of fundraising projects to support including “Kick Alzheimer’s in the Ass,” “Cute as Hell & Much Loved Animal Rescue,” and the “3 Cups of Tea 4 Education.”

Did I mention there are
prizes too? Yep, you can win stuff like an Amazon Kindle, Macbook Pro, Nintendo Wii or Crowdrise hoodie.

What are you waiting for? Click
here to join the Crowd (rise).

May 17, 2010

Soy Vey!

Silk Soymilk sippers, here’s your chance to support two awesome causes: clean wind energy and America’s family farmers. All you have to do is buy the carton (32 or 62 ounce) with the GREEN lid.

Then just go to, enter the UPC bar code, and Silk will donate 33 cents to either Farm Aid or the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. You get to choose.

In addition to adding your 33 cents' worth, you’ll also be automatically entered to win prizes: the Grand Prize - otherwise known as the “Green Life Makeover” - which includes a $25,000 Eco-Option Home Depot gift card and a $15,000 smart fortwo vehicle (yes, that’s the correct spelling); two First Prizes, which include just the vehicle; and 1000 Instant Prizes, which include all the Silk Soymilk you can drink in a year.

Just make sure to get your drink on soon. The Green Caps for a Greener World contest ends July 31. Click here for more details.

May 14, 2010


Supermodel and busy mother of three Natalia Vodianova recently donated her time (no pay) and stunning good looks for the new BUGABOO(RED) campaign. The cute new ad – featuring a bevy of beautiful babies – was shot by Mary McCartney (how many talented kids can one family have?).

The celeb-friendly Dutch stroller-maker has teamed up with (RED) to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. One percent of all Bugaboo revenue -- from the entire product range, not just one or two products as is often the case with these promotions -- will be contributed to the Global Fund, the world’s largest financial provider for programs that combat AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

To commemorate its (RED) partnership, Bugaboo has also designed three special collection strollers, an iPhone holder, a cool leather bag, and an adorable stuffed “spokesperson” named Awande (which means “may love grow” in Zimbabwean) to accompany parents as they spread the Bugaboo(RED) message.

Click here to for a list of retailers or to purchase a Bugaboo online.

May 13, 2010

Dancing Queen

This woman just doesn’t stop! Ellen DeGeneres has teamed up with NIVEA to spread a whole lot of happiness and raise a bit of cash for a great cause - Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Click here to submit your best “happiness” dance and you could win an all-expenses-paid trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show (aka The Happiest Show on Earth). Plus, NIVEA will donate $100 to Big Brothers Big Sisters for each uploaded video (up to $10,000).

May the best happy dance win!

May 12, 2010

DIY With Ruby

If you’re looking for ways to keep your youngsters busy (and out of your hair) this summer, look no further than, a cool new site that features more than 100 fun, kid-friendly projects that utilize at least one of the three rules of environmental friendliness – reuse, renew, repurpose.

With a new project every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your kids will keep busy all summer and have something green and glorious to show for it come fall.

Some of my favorites include the “Make a Difference Aluminum Water Bottle,” “Fashionista Canvas Bag,” “Egghead Window Sill Garden," “Puppy Stylin' Camera Case,” and “Fab Japanese Bookends.” Projects are broken down into categories including Fashion, Ruby’s Room, My Plan-it, Treasure Chest, Gifts that Smile, and Hobbies.

Ruby’s also got a few games, contests and prizes up her very creative sleeve. So for all you DIY do-gooders out there, simply click here for tons of creative kid-friendly, parent-approved projects.

May 11, 2010

Kid Connection

Clorox – the bleach preferred two to one by kids (I’m just guessing here people, can you name another bleach brand?) – and the Children’s Health Fund (CHF) have teamed up to launch Connect Kids to Care, a new social media-driven program that helps connect kids to ongoing health care, all with the click of a mouse.

Kick-starting the promotion with a generous donation of half a million dollars and the help of super cool actress
Julianne Moore as their spokesperson, Clorox hopes to provide half a million health care visits to disadvantaged children over the next two years.

For the social media part of the promotion, Clorox is donating $1 to CHF for each new “like” on its Facebook page, up to $100,000, from now until April 2012. There’s no official Twitter campaign per se, but please feel free to spread the word if you’re a tweeter.

If you’re more old school (i.e. you have no idea what Facebook or Twitter is), feel free to tell all your friends and family via phone, email, or post how a $5, $10 or $15 donation can help CHF provide health care to children in need.

May 10, 2010

Show Some Skin

If you’re worried about that new mole that just appeared on your forearm or fretting over that cluster of freckles gaining space on your inner thigh, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get them both checked out for FREE during the Skin Cancer Foundation's "Road to Healthy Skin Care," which is sponsored by Rite Aid, Aveeno and Fitness Magazine.

They’ve tricked out a 38-foot RV with all the latest and greatest dermatological equipment available and are taking it to over 80 cities across America offering free skin exams and lots of sunscreen samples.

The tour starts soon so click here to find out when they’re rolling into your neighborhood.

May 7, 2010

The Year's Easiest Act of Do-Goodingness

This Saturday, May 8, marks the 18th anniversary of Stamp Out Hunger, the nation’s largest food drive. Teaming up for this genius one-day event are the National Association of Letter Carriers (AKA the trusty posties who deliver your mail every day), Feeding America, and Campbell's.

It's a brilliantly simple idea. Just place cans, boxes or bags of non-perishable food items by your mailbox this Saturday and your mail carrier will pick 'em up and give them to a local food bank or pantry. Get food, leave on front step. Tricky it isn't.

This effort helps many of the more than 49 million Americans who are at risk of hunger.

(By the way, isn't that number crazy? Aren't there only 300 million people in the country? Isn't that one American in - tongue hangs out ... jaw drops ... brain whirrs ... - almost six?)

So grab a couple of extra items in the check-out aisle, raid the cupboard for stuff you're never likely to eat, pop them all in a bag, and leave them out front on Saturday morning.

You can also “Like” Stamp Out Hunger on Facebook, for which Campbell’s
will donate one can of soup to Feeding America.

They have a million cans to give away, so if just one in every four readers of Miss Do-Gooder's blog does the Facebook thing ... there will only be 999,999 cans to go.

May 6, 2010

Relax Already

The big wigs at Health Magazine and Huffington Post (Editors in Chief Ellen Kunes and Arianna Huffington, respectively) would like you to take 30 minutes a day to relax, de-stress, slow down, take a chill pill, take some "me” time…you get the picture. Though Arianna is on cable TV once an hour, so she might want to take some of her own medicine.

For the rest of this month, they’re challenging their readers to “Unplug and Recharge” their laptops, cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPods, iPads, Wiis,
and so on and so forth. No, they aren’t giving away any prizes or gifts, but
they are offering simple tricks and techniques to help you justify - if only
to yourself - putting down the PDA and picking up a book, taking the dog for a
walk, or just relaxing and enjoying some peace and quiet. How hard can that

Click here to join Ellen and Arianna in the challenge. What have you got to

May 4, 2010

Junk It

I thought the best part – or rather the only good part - about moving was that you could ditch all the annoying junk mail at your previous address.

Well, it turns out I was wrong. In my experience (or ten), chances are that in the time it takes to schedule an appointment with the cable guy, Publisher’s Clearing House has already tracked you down and left numerous “winning sweepstakes” letters in your new, not-so-virgin mailbox.

If you’d like to stop the paper trail madness in its postal tracks, here are a few ways to reduce your intake of junk mail and help save a few trees in the process.

Nonprofit organization stops 80 to 95 percent of junk mail from ever being stamped with your address and helps save species at the same time. The five-year service costs just $41 and more than a third of the fee goes to community and environmental organizations.

Precycle – a collaboration between Planet Green and - promises to stop most direct mail including advertisements, circulars, pre-approved credit card and mortgage offers, sweepstakes and other mailers in about 90 days for a fee of $37 (plus $7 shipping and handling). They'll even plant five trees on your behalf just for signing up.

Finally, if catalogs are the main source of your mailbox misery, click on and simply click on “yeah” or “neah” next to the direct mail pieces on their list and they’ll honor your wishes within twelve weeks, at no charge.

May 3, 2010

Appliance Wars

The Electrolux-touting Kelly Ripa has some new competition. Jennifer Garner has just teamed up with Frigidaire for “Make Time for Snack Time,” a virtual campaign that encourages kids to snack smarter.

Simply go to and click on the “stop the clock” button at any time of day. Each time correlates with a healthy snack recommendation (apples, cheese, carrots, bananas, etc.). If you choose raisins, for example, you're forwarded to a page with helpful information about the dried fruit along with two healthy snack recipes.

For every “stop” you make (feel free to visit every day), Frigidaire will donate $1 (up to $50,000) to support Save the Children, a nonprofit aiding kids in need in the U.S. And you’ll be entered for a chance to win a shiny new Frigidaire Professional French Door Refrigerator. To help you keep all those healthy snacks neatly organized and ready to go.

Click here to play along.