May 20, 2010

Rising Above the Crowd

Actor/writer/director/producer/activist/marathon runner Edward Norton can now add “Web platform” creator to his list of accomplishments. His new site Crowdrise – a cool combination of social networking and volunteerism - empowers regular folks like you and me (and a few celebrities including Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan and Kristen Bell) to give back, get involved, and have fun while doing it.

It takes less than a minute to create a personal profile and from there the sky’s the limit. You can create your very own Project Page where you’ll hopefully go on to raise tons of cash for your bike race, bake sale, or other funky fundraiser, donate directly to your favorite charity (there are over 4,000 to choose from), or give your money, time and/or social networking skills to someone else’s project. There are hundreds of fundraising projects to support including “Kick Alzheimer’s in the Ass,” “Cute as Hell & Much Loved Animal Rescue,” and the “3 Cups of Tea 4 Education.”

Did I mention there are
prizes too? Yep, you can win stuff like an Amazon Kindle, Macbook Pro, Nintendo Wii or Crowdrise hoodie.

What are you waiting for? Click
here to join the Crowd (rise).

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