June 8, 2010

The Cat's, Um, In the Bag

I'm a huge fan of Puma sports gear, and the apparel maker has further enshrined itself in Miss Do-Gooder's good graces by tossing aside cumbersome cardboard shoeboxes in favor of eco-friendly bags.

How's the bag better than the box? Well, we’re not talking about normal bags here; Puma came up with an eco-friendly bag-like product that’s actually in the shape of a box. It apparently considered 2,000 ideas over a 21-month period, which is fairly diligent, you know ... due diligence. (Come to think about it, isn't a bag in the shape of a box a box? This post is unexpectedly raising some fairly profound philosophical issues).

Anyway, the box-bag uses 65 percent less cardboard than standard packaging, reduces electricity use by 20 million megajoules and saves 1 million litres of water. Don’t ask me to explain what megajoules are, but I’m pretty sure they’re a legitimate unit of measurement.

Cleverly named “
The Clever Little Bag,” the new ingenious carrying mechanism is 90 percent the same (shape-wise) as a normal shoebox. I can’t explain the “how” of it, but the “why” of it is so that retailers don’t freak out about coming up with a new way to stack the boxes, or bags, or whatever these box-bag things are going to be called. I guess you can’t train an old dog… Well, you get the gist.

The miracle of the “Clever Little Bag” will be available in stores in time for the 2010 holiday season.

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