June 24, 2010

Fair For All

There’s a new Web site in town (well, London actually) called Fairsharemusic.com where you can download music (legally) and give back to charity while doing it. Most singles cost around $1 (or 79p if you live across the pond) and albums can be found for as low as $6.

Fairsharemusic promises to donate half of the net profit from each and every track downloaded to charities such as the World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam International, the British Red Cross and Amnesty International. You can choose whether your donation goes to a single cause or is split between two or more charities.

There are over 8.5 million individual tracks to choose from plus a number of tailor-made playlists and charts compiled by industry experts.

here for more information and to get your fair share of the music.

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