June 30, 2010

Pockets for Change

I thought Hot Pockets had done its part for mankind when it provided Jim Gaffigan with some of the funniest material you'll ever have the joy of hearing. (Click here to see – or rather hear - what I’m talking about.)

But then the purveyors of fine microwavable fare upped the ante and are teaming up with Feeding America to donate 1 million meals (well, the monetary equivalent of 1 million meals) to help fight hunger. I’m not sure if those meals consist solely of Hot Pockets, Lean Pockets or their new Breakfast Pockets (now with delicious Applewood bacon!) but either way, they’re supporting a noble cause.

here to learn the “Ten Key Facts You Should Know About Hunger” via their interactive hunger fact map or have a chuckle at the “Herbie Chronicles” – the adventures of two interns touring the country wearing a gigantic Hot Pockets costume whilst trying to conduct serious interviews about hunger.

That alone is worth a trip to the site.

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