July 21, 2010

Be A Good Neighbor

With testimonials like “It’s the best thing since sliced bread,” and more than 746 fans/likes on Facebook so far (since launching about two week ago), the new site NeighborGoods may just be on to something. Think of it as a teeny tiny Craigslist where you can borrow or loan out your stuff (or skills) to your neighbors for free (or be a jerk and charge a fee if you’d like).

It’s a great way to save money (why buy when you can borrow?), and possibly even get to know your neighbors (gasp!) in the meantime.

Just type in your zip cope and search for that set of golf clubs that will enable you to start swinging again. Or tell your neighbors about your mad knitting or cooking skills. It’s all about connecting, people.

I did a search in my neighborhood and there were 630 people within 50 miles sharing 349 items. Click
here to find out what your NeighborGood has to offer.

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