July 22, 2010

What Would You Do...?

Attention Kmart shoppers (and Sears)! You’ve got a chance to win one billion points - half to keep for yourself and half to give away to charity.

In celebration of the one-year anniversary of their
Shop Your Way Rewards program, the two mega-retailers are co-hosting a contest called “What Would You Do with One Billion Points?”.

If you’re already a member, all you need to do is submit a 45-second video explaining what you’d do with ... one billion points (someone in marketing earned their salary with that campaign title, huh). If you're not already a member, simply click here to get with the program.

You’ve got until October 5 to submit your video and to rally support from all your friends and family members (who also must be Shop Your Way Rewards members). Remember, it’s not about how clever or funny or touching your video is; it’s about how many votes you get in the end (which is November 5.) The winner will be announced on or around November 14.

here for more details.

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