August 30, 2010

Free For All

Love him or hate him, you'll have to admit that Keith Olbermann has been a tireless advocate of the National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC), helping to spread the word and raise a ton of money for this life-saving (literally) non-profit. Since October 2009, the organization has hosted eight free clinics – in cities including Washington, D.C., Kansas City and Little Rock, providing free medical and dental services to almost 100,000 patients.

The next free clinic is scheduled for August 31 and September 1 in New Orleans. If you live in the area and would like to donate some of your time, they’re still looking for volunteers. If you’d like to attend the clinic (free of charge, as the name might suggest), please click here for more information.

If you don’t live close by, you can still help by spreading the word about the NAFC or by donating a few dollars. All donations help support the 1,200 free clinics funded by the NAFC.

Click here for more information or to find a free clinic in your area.

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