August 18, 2010

Superman Makes the Grade

With an awesome title like 'Waiting for Superman,' a director who won an Academy Award for 'An Inconvenient Truth,' and a partnership with online classroom charity, I have a feeling this educational documentary (which maintains only a metaphorical connection with superheroes -- but you won't find any other spoilers here) is going to make the grade.

And if the film's pre-opening numbers are any indication, it may even make a few bucks. You see, the clever folks at
Paramount Pictures (and a few other film companies to boot) have come up with a campaign to entice people to pledge to see the film before it even opens.

How? With ingenious gift cards, since you asked.

The charitable chaps at are assigning a $5 gift card to each and every person who pledges to see the film before it opens September 15. And according to their “Pledge Progress Meter,” more than 37,000 people have already signed on the dotted line.

The gift cards can be redeemed on the Web site, and the proceeds fulfill requests from public school teachers for things like paper and pencils, musical instruments, camcorders, printers, microscopes, and other essential classroom materials.

here to take the pledge or text “PLEDGE” to 77177.

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