October 22, 2010

Have You Been Carded Recently?

For those of you who a) live in California and b) have a Safeway or Von’s store nearby and c) are gift-buying challenged, you can now find gift cards that give more than just generic cash. From the folks who brought you Causes, the Facebook application, come Causes, the charity gift card.

Like the super-popular app, the gift cards allow people to donate online to their favorite charity. Simply buy a $25 or $50 card (purchase is tax-deductible), give it to a friend, family member or co-worker and they can choose to donate to a charitable cause of their choice (there are thousands to choose from).

So, if you can’t figure out what to get Aunt Lucy or cousin John, consider the
gift card that keeps on giving.

Click here to learn more about this great Idea.

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