October 21, 2010

Malaria, the Joke's on You

Miss Do-Gooder likes to think that she loves all creatures great and small. Yet deep down, in quiet moments of reflection, she will admit to herself that this, strictly speaking, isn't entirely true.

You see, the mere hint of a mosquito's quiet, high-pitched buzz will send her whirling around the house like a demon, rolled-up
Us Weekly in hand, slashing at thin air and unable to rest until she's sated her rage and terminated the delinquent insect's short, infuriating life.

Of course, MDG has it easy. These blood-sucking beasts are also the source of something far more terrible than a splat on a gossip rag and a couple of overturned chairs. The little suckers cause around 250 million cases of malaria around the world every year, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, and kill millions.

But this anger can't be good for MDG, which is why she's decided to take a different tack and laugh at them instead. She is being aided in this strategy by the non-profit
Malaria No More, which just kicked off its “ Comedy Fights Malaria” campaign and is using gags and a little comedy star power to keep malaria in the spotlight.

Click here to see how stars like Ed Helms, John Mayer, Elizabeth Banks and BJ Novak put the funny in the fight against malaria - and raise awareness about the fact that every 45 seconds a child in Africa dies from this preventable disease.

P.S - If you’re looking for comedy that benefits another worthy cause – autism - tune in tonight (Thursday, October 21) for
Jon Stewart’s annual special “Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education.” Comedians including Steve Carell, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, and Sarah Silverman will all be on hand to raise a ton of money for autism and provide you with lol humor. The event airs on Comedy Central at 9:00PM ET/PT.

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