November 11, 2010

Annie, Get Your Yam

Annie´s Homegrown, makers of tasty, organic comfort foods for more than 20 years, has partnered with the National Farm to School Network on a cool new campaign to teach kids to "dig" or learn about new veggies this fall and plant them next spring. With a bit of help from teachers and parents, the "Root 4 Kids" promotion hopes to get one million kids on the veggie bandwagon by harvest time 2011.

You can join the "Root 4 Kids" movement by pledging to do just that (I Root 4 Kids) on their new kid-friendly, parent-approved website. You can also plant a virtual veggie in their community garden, find local farmers' markets, seed growers and garden resources, or test your veggie knowledge with one of their games or quizzes.

They´ve also got a contest (of course!) to stir up a bit of friendly competition amongst the kids. The school with the most Root 4 Kids pledges by December 31, 2010, will win their choice of a garden, a new Farm to School program or gardening supplies for one year. In addition, for every 1,000 Root 4 Kids pledges Annie's receives, it will contribute funds toward a garden or Farm to School program in an underprivileged school (TBA).

Click here to help root 4 a kid and help bring more farms to schools and vice versa.

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