December 30, 2010

A Tail of Biodegredation

Time for the pooch to clean up its act, ditch the plastic and go biodegradable.

We're talking, of course, about poop bags. If my calculations are correct, in just one year -- depending on your dog's ...
prolificacy -- you could prevent anywhere from 365 to more than a thousand plastic bags from ending up in landfills.

I’ve done a bit of nosing around (ick) and tracked down a few companies that have the scoop on poop.

Olive Super Poop Bags ( are certified 100-percent biodegradable, available in two sizes, Unisex (small) and Super Poop (large), cost $12 for 50 bags, and best of all come in super adorable art canisters (refill bags available). offers 100-percent biodegradable, made in the USA, 8” wide X 12” long bags ranging in price from $20 for 100 bags up to $68 for 600 bags.

BioBag is the big daddy of biodegradable poop bags, not to mention lawn and leaf bags, kitchen bags, compost bags, shopping bags - everything but a colostomy bag (R&D needs to get on that - though they have come up with a "Toilet System" developed in conjunction with, I kid you not, the Norwegian military).

These 100-percent biodegradable bags are available in various sizes, forms (by the box, roll and even case) and prices, depending on where you purchase them (i.e. Amazon,, On average the bags cost around $17 for a pack of four, 50-count boxes (200 bags). Click here for a full list of BioBag retailers.

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