January 26, 2011

Change It Up

If you’d like to make one small change toward giving back, it doesn’t get much easier than SwipeGood.com. Simply register your debit or credit card on the Web site, use said card to make purchases of food, booze, clothing, travel, entertainment, etc.; then just sit back and relax while SwipeGood rounds each of your purchases to the nearest dollar, and then donates the remainder to charity (minus a 5 percent fee, natch.)

There are dozens of deserving charities to choose from including
DonorsChoose.org, ASPCA, Invisible Children, Chrysalis Shelter, Loved Twice, Kids V Cancer, Food for the Poor and many others.

According to the site, most people’s “spare change” averages about $20 per month, give or take a few dollars and cents. I suppose it all depends on whether you’re more of a “paper” or “plastic” type of person.

here to learn more about how you can swipe to do good, without texting, liking, calling, writing, referring, or e-mailing a thing.

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