January 6, 2011

Good Job

If you’re among the 9.3 percent (or thereabouts) of the population who are unemployed, underemployed, or have just plain given up looking for a job, I’ve compiled a list of Web sites that offer nonprofit jobs which a) actually pay (some also offer volunteer gigs and internships) b) might make you feel better about getting back into the whole job thing, and c) might help make the world a shinier, happier place.

Idealist.org: Founded in 1995, this site is considered the global clearinghouse of nonprofit and volunteering resources. They currently have listings for 6,090 nonprofit jobs in over 58,000 organizations around the world including Development Officer at the United Way in San Jose, CA, Production Scheduling Coordinator for The History Makers in Chicago, and International Capacity Building Coordinator for Amnesty International in London.

Craigslist.org: I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard of this site, but did you know that they have a nifty “nonprofit sector” tab in their “Jobs” section? I checked the San Francisco site today and found 28 nonprofit jobs, although, full disclosure here, not every single one of the jobs appears to be a paid gig; they seem to have snuck a few internships onto the list. But, overall, it’s a great resource and covers most major cities in the U.S. And even some that aren’t so major.

Jobs.change.org: This is the jobs section of the popular social activism Web site Change.org and bills itself as the “leading site for nonprofit jobs.” I can't verify that fact, but I can tell you that you can search the site by job type (full time, part time, temporary, etc.), work experience, and type of cause (animals, children, war & peace, etc) in many job categories including activism & organizing, graphic design, human resources, finance, project management and social services. Oh, and by the way, their parent Web site Change.org is currently hiring. Click here for job listings.

OpportunityKnocks.org: Besides having a pretty cool name, this site offers nonprofit jobs that change the world. It says so in their “About Us” section. On top of that, they promise 10 things you’ll receive from their site including excellent customer service, answers to all of your questions, listening to your suggestions and feedback, and notifying you about their promotions and announcements. And two-thirds of the 25,000 nonprofit organizations listed on their site have budgets exceeding $500,000. Meaning, they have money to pay your salary.

Greenjobs.com: Finally, if you’re specifically looking for a green job – aka a gig in the renewable energy sector - your go-to resource is greenjobs.com. In fact, that’s the only type of job they have. After you complete your free registration, you can view and apply for jobs including Operations Manger at Centrosolar in Fremont, CA, Technical Field Representative for Conservation Services Group in Long Island, NY, and Design Specialist for Integrated Solar in Brattleboro, VT.

Good luck and happy job hunting in 2011!

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