January 13, 2011

The Kidz Are All Right

How splendid would it be if there was a Web site that helped parents, educators, community leaders and other civic-minded grown-ups teach children the value of giving? Wouldn't it be cool if we could inspire our kids to contribute in their everyday lives, not just during times of catastrophe, or when they're encouraged to as a part of some high-profile charitable event?

Well, you’re in luck, dear reader(s), because not only do we now have such a site, but almost all of the services and products on it is FREE.

Tailored for kids ages 4-12,
YesKidzCan.com contains lots of cool information and resources including suggested weekly dinner topics like “What do you think the word "charity" means?" and "Eat the damn sprouts"; fun, easy craft activities; kids’ book reviews; a global bulletin board for posting creative ideas, comments, photos, and event information (as well as kudos for your kids’ kind acts); and cool community service projects, like baking and delivering dog treats to a local shelter, that take up just an hour or two.

There’s also a
blog, free “You Did Good” certificates of accomplishment, and loads of widgets, tees, totes, and other fun kid stuff.

YesKidzCan is also a super “social entrepreneurial” company, meaning it donatz (chuckle) 100 percent of its net profits to children’s causes. Click
here to say Yes to YesKidzCan.

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  1. Cheers!!! Great write up on a great company!

    Erika Athanas