January 19, 2011

On the Side of the Angels

All right, I’ll admit this one’s a bit strange, but it does meet my very broad criteria of having a charitable element, and has the added bonus of benefitting the awesome and heroic profession of nursing.

(Incidentally, that syrupy J&J commercial with the soulful "You're a nurse, you make a diiiiiiiference" must have drowned more prospective health care professionals in a large vat of melted caramel than it ever persuaded to join nursing's elite ranks).

Capsule, the leading provider of medical device connectivity (for those of you at the back, that's the connection of medical devices) just launched its “Nurse Story Contest.” This competition asks nurses in the U.S. to submit short stories about how they have dealt with situations in which they didn't have enough time to provide patients with the care they needed. You should also say what you would have done if you'd had enough time. In my humble opinion, it shouldn’t really be considered a short story contest, but rather a very-sad-non-fiction short story contest.

I told you it was a bit strange. Anyhow, applicants wishing to compete in the “Wish I Had More Time To…” contest can submit their stories via audio or video, or in writing. The deadline is May 6, which happens to coincide with the start of Nurses' Week. A panel of nurses will narrow the short stories down to 10, and the finalists will then be voted on by Facebook fans.

The winning nurse will be awarded $2,500 to his or her charity of choice, a luncheon in celebration of Nurses' Week, a subscription to the American Journal of Nursing and their very own nurse avatar and animated cartoon similar to Capsule's YouTube video, "Capturing Vitals," starring Nurse Sue. How many other contests can offer that?!

Click here for more information about you can turn your best/worst/saddest nursing memories into a bona fide charitable bonanza.

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