January 21, 2011

Our Daily Bread

Not sure where this fits on the do-gooding scale, but it sounds delicious.

Hillshire Farms is on the hunt for America’s “Most Wanted Sandwich” and they’ve wrangled fifteen mom-bloggers to lead the quest. This hand-picked Hillshire Farm “Fresh 15” have been tasked with creating their favorite version of the All American Sandwich, one that incorporates not only the local flavors of their various hometowns, but also one (or more) of the many premium quality lunchmeats offered by Hillshire Farms. I suppose that's what you might call "the catch," ruling out as it does your fav arugula, goat's cheese and eggplant on focaccia.

You’ve got until March 20 to vote for your favorite sandwich (after signing in). The “Fresh 15” member with the most votes will win $5,000 and – wait for it – a $5,000 donation to the charity of their choice. I knew there was a reason I was writing about this.

I'm hungry.

here for more delicious details and to cast your vote for America’s Most Wanted sandwich. With a Web site named www.gomeat.com, how can you possibly resist?

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