February 2, 2011

Cause for Celebration

DonorsChoose.org has come up with a brilliant way to celebrate each and every special occasion you can think of –- birthdays, anniversaries, a wedding day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Take your Kid to Work Day, TGIF days, Flag Day, Graduation day, heck, even sick days – all while helping fund cash-strapped classroom projects across the country.

The organization's new “
Celebrations” tool makes it super easy to create your very own Giving Page for whatever day you choose to celebrate. Once you’ve created the page (which I hear takes a mere 60 seconds to complete), simply pick out a few of your favorite classroom projects on the DonorsChoose Web site, and then invite your friends and family members to support these projects in lieu of gifts. Who needs another gift card or toaster anyway?

here to join the celebration and help classrooms get the goods they need to succeed.

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