March 16, 2011

Bullies Need Not Apply

As you might already know, MDG is no fan of bullies, intolerance, ignorance or cruelty. She is, however, a huge fan of superheroes, tolerance, creativity, literacy, and anti-cruelty.

That's why this poster struck such a chord. As well as promoting the powerful, important message that we need to do everything we can to
STOMP OUT BULLYING, I think you'll agree that it's truly adorable. I wish I could give credit to the creator, but I couldn’t track down a name. Whoever you are: kudos!

On a related note, a current national campaign from
Love Our Children USA focuses on preventing bullying in all of its vicious forms, including cyber and digital attacks. Click here to literally – and figuratively – help them stomp out this time-old, but surmountable, problem.

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