March 30, 2011

Hope in a Soap (It's Dope)

Soap Hope ( is an online retailer that sells all-natural beauty products at really rather irresistible discount prices. It also has a fiendishly complicated and counter-intuitive business plan that involves investing all of its profits in non-profit organizations (how does that work?).

The non-profits it funds benefit women in poverty, though, and include the awesome folks at
Chiapas International, The PLAN Fund and Esperanza International, so we'll give it a free plug here and trouble our brain with no further questions. Soap Hope also carries a few awesome brands, including Pangea Organics, Hugo Naturals, Acure Organics, and Mahya Cosmetics.

MDG might have spent more time with the rhyming dictionary, though. Soap Hope? What about Lotion in Motion? Hair Care? Cleaning With Meaning? Endless unexplored possibilities.

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