March 15, 2011

The Tax Preparer Giveth

Given the fact that we all have to face the tax man (or woman) at some point or another, and that many of us are too arithmetically challenged to file without the help of a certified nerd - apologies, "tax preparer" - you may be interested to hear that a firm called Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is offering to donate a portion of its proceeds to good causes during the month of March.

As a part of its month-long “
Big Checks for Charity” campaign, the nation’s second largest tax company is offering coupons and charitable support for a number of local and national charities, donating funds for every early bird tax filer who uses its service.

I would offer you specific details, but the press release doesn’t really give any, and a Google search for "tax preparation" short-circuited my already limited ability to absorb financial information and rendered me unconscious for several hours.

here to get a jump on your 2010 taxes and help a few charities while you're at it.

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