March 10, 2011

When Craig Speaks, Listen

The man behind one of the planet's most influential lists – that would be Craig - just announced his new “20-year plan,” and it’s a pretty big deal, even if he does say so himself. Through his brand new Web site, “craigconnects,” he wants to help identify, connect, and protect individuals and organizations that are doing good in the world. He's pretty adept at turning the world on its head - there's a reason the local newspaper business is on its last legs - so when Mr. Newmark speaks it's worth paying attention.

He’s already got a pretty impressive group of
organizations listed on the site in various areas including community building, social media for social progress, journalism integrity, open and accountable government, service and volunteering, veterans’ issues, and peace in the Middle East.

If you’d like to recommend one of your own, simply click on the “
Connect with Craig” button at the top of the site. Just make sure you’ve read the “Purpose of craigconnects” before doing so. Those are the rules.

You should also know that craigconnects is not a fundraising or grant-giving organization and is a completely separate entity from craigslist. No used coffee tables, CD collections or offers of long walks on the beach, please.

here to help Craig achieve his dream of connecting the world for good.

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