April 20, 2011

Open for Business

Times are tough, and small businesses and charities need all the help they can get. So while a Microsoft competition to promote new software isn't strictly within MDG's usual sphere of interest, this is a pretty generous deal and could be worth checking out.

For those of you who know the difference, the contest is to promote Microsoft's store for its
Office 365 cloud-based software. I won’t bore you with store details, but if you’re a small business (1-50 full-time employees), you could win $50,000, free Office 365 service for a year, and the use of a Microsoft executive for an entire day.

From what I can gather, you’ve got until June 18 to submit and/or explain – in 365 words or less - what inspires you at work every day and how Office 365 can help you reach your goals in the next year. And no snarkiness about 10-minute boot times or worn-out CTRL, Alt and Delete keys.

They’re awarding five small businesses with the aforementioned prizes. Your employees must be at least 18 years of age, and, obviously, can’t have any affiliation with Microsoft Corporation or any of its related companies. You should make yourself aware of the rather complicated
rules, regulations, procedures, eligibility requirements, etc., before applying.

here to tell Microsoft that your business is absolutely ready for work, but could be even more ready if it pocketed a free year of Office 365 software and 50 grand.

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