June 24, 2011

Beauty Before Age

There can't be many (New World) brands that can boast that they've been around since the mid-nineteenth century, so Kiehl's celebration of its 160th birthday is pretty impressive.

Just think, at about the same time President Millard Fillmore (1800-1874) was inspiring a new generation of voter with chants of "Indeed we shall!"
Kiehl's started wooing cool chicks with its awesome hair and skincare products (Hello, Crème de Corps!). To celebrate this rather remarkable anniversary, the company is donating $160,000 to 24 charities around the world through its “Kiehl’s Gives” initiative.

You, the fresh-faced Kiehl's customer, get to decide how to divvy up the money by voting for the cause closest to your heart. If you need a bit of help deciding how to cast your vote, click
here to watch short video clips of Kiehl’s global ambassadors Julianne Moore, Pharrell Williams and the Scissor Sisters speaking out on behalf of their favorite children's welfare, environmental and HIV/AIDs charities.

Vote daily at
www.kiehlsgives.com until August 31.

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