June 29, 2011

(Booking) Queen of Hearts

If your social conscience is berating you for wanting to drop a large chunk of change on a slightly too extravagant (but long overdue) vacation, there's a new travel site that might calm your conflicted soul.

BookingQueen.com donates 15 percent of the net income it earns from every hotel and car rental reservation it processes to a select group of NGOs. The site has charitable agreements covering 60,000 partner hotels, 17,000 car rental locations, and 9,000 tour operators, so a do-gooding traveler is hardly spoiled for choice. Airfare will have to be reserved elsewhere for now, but I think they’re working on it.

You can help
CARE Denmark plant mangrove trees in Vietnam when you reserve a room in Greece or book a car in Brazil to support the Barefoot Foundation’s efforts to build wells for needy children in Niger.

Wherever you roam, going where your heart desires has never been easier.

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