July 28, 2011

Heavenly Sevenly

If you’re looking for another charity T-shirt to add to your closet, click here to check out new kid on the block, Sevenly. Instead of using the typical “percentage of proceeds” or “buy one, give one” business models, the company is hoping its customers use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about its wares. The more you like and tweet, the more it sells and the more money it raises for various causes.

The company offers just one T-shirt per week, each designed specifically for a partner non-profit. Each shirt is available for just seven days, with $7 from each sale going toward that week’s chosen charity.

Go here to help Sevenly raise funds for Mercy Ships this week by purchasing a “Give Healing Tee” for $24.

July 27, 2011

Swing for the Causes

I’m having a bit of corporate PR-meets-charity online baseball game déjà vu here. But this thing's fun and worthwhile, so what the heck.

Until September 25, State Farm insurance is teaming up with singer Mandy Moore (Mandy Moore ... MLB ... of course!) to promote its new “Go To Bat” charity campaign. They’re inviting fans to pick up and swing a virtual bat for a chance to win a trip to the World Series and raise money for a bunch of worthy causes.

Click here to go to bat -- (Is that lame? It is, isn't it?) -- for one of more than 40 participating non-profits including WWF, Rock for Kids, AmeriCares, Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross and The Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Each home run increases your chosen charity’s batting average; the organization with the highest average each week will earn $18,000. My only caution would be that, if you're terrible at the game -- and that would mean you have AWFUL motor skills and hand-eye coordination because it's incredibly easy -- you could actually lower your charity's weekly average and prevent them from winning. (Not to encourage underhand behavior, but if you're going to be a liability to your cause, you might want to think about logging in as a supporter of a rival.)

Coming up with a novel closing pun involving baseball terms, states or farms would be way too exhausting, so just click here to have a go.

July 26, 2011

Gem of An Idea

There’s no shortage of Web sites these days that promise to satisfy your burning desire for a bit of bling. Notable contenders for your diamond dollars include JewelMint, the exclusive jewelry club started by Kate Bosworth and her stylist, loads of daily discount sites like Gilt Groupe and Hautelook that feature every designer under the sun, and now a new site with a charity twist called - rather interestingly - Crush Crush Couture.

The site features a variety of reasonably priced necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, with 25 percent of every purchase going to one of four non-profits. Right now you can choose whether your baubles benefit
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, H.E.A.L. (Helping Every Animal League,) Direct Relief International and American Forests.

Click here to learn more about Crush Crush Couture's righteous rocks.

July 21, 2011

Good Reading

Just when I thought I had my magazine addiction under control, along comes a letter taunting me with an irresistible offer to pay just $10 for an entire year’s worth of gossip (I mean, reading material), with 10 percent of the proceeds going directly toward breast cancer research.

During the
Read for the Cure program, what’s left of the magazine publishing industry has banded together to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. During this limited promotion, you can choose up to four titles (at the $10 rate) from a list that includes Good Housekeeping, Us Weekly, Fitness, Dog Fancy/Cat Fancy, Food & Wine, MORE, Inc., Travel & Leisure and Cooking Light.

here for more magazine magic!

July 19, 2011

Meditate on This (Music)

If you’ve ever wondered what type of music goes best with meditation, look no further than “Download for Good: Music that Changes the World,” a new music compilation from iconic filmmaker/meditation guru David Lynch. He’s rounded up 33 talented artists for the project including Alanis Morissette, Tom Waits, Dave Stewart, Maroon 5, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Iggy Pop and Ben Lee.

Sales from each and every track - available exclusively at iTunes - benefit The
David Lynch Foundation, which offers Transcendental Meditation to at-risk and underserved populations, including inner-city youth, homeless adults and children, prisoners and U.S. veterans returning home from combat with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Changing the world is only a download away.

July 18, 2011

Crazy Cats

Not sure if this campaign scores very highly on the sensitivity and correctness scale, but it's hard to ignore such a potent cocktail of psychological instability, pets and hard cash. In a nutshell: if your favorite feline displays signs of a Jekyll and Hyde personality, you could win $1,000 for your preferred pet charity and get kitty’s mug shot plastered all over one of ARM & HAMMER’S upcoming print ads.

Is it right? Probably not. Is it captivating? Hell yeah!

During its
Double Duty Double Take promotion, the company is asking cat owners to submit two snapshots – complete with clever captions - that encapsulate their cat’s dual personality. So if your cat has a habit of going from bashful to belligerent in mere moments, make sure you have a camera close by to capture the craziness.

Just make sure you submit your winning shots before August 22, when the
contest officially closes.

July 15, 2011

Just Do Something

If you’re an (the) avid MDG reader, you know that it hasn’t been all that long since I told you about DoSomething.org’s partnership with JetBlue for its “Celebrity Baggage Auction.” But, before you jump to any conclusions, this is not an update about how much money Lindsay Lohan’s tote bag brought in (although I’m sure it raised a ton of dough). Instead, it’s the latest news about how you can get out the vote for VH1’s Do Something Awards, and help your favorite celebrity take home a trophy or two.

Hosted by the multi-talented and super hilarious Jane Lynch, the ceremony will hand out awards to stars who do great things in the world and who inspire young people to follow in their “very large” footsteps. They’ll also choose one young “do-er” – under the age of 25 – to take home a grand prize of $100,000 for their cause.

Voting is now open, so cast your ballot for celebrity nominees in categories including “Do Something Movie Star,” “Do Something Comedian,” “Do Something Style,” "Do Something Music Artist,” “Do Something Twitter,” et cetera, so on and so forth. “Do Something” contenders include Scarlett Johansson, Russell Brand, Gisele Bundchen, The Black Eyed Peas and Ashton Kutcher (along with his beautiful wife, Demi).

You’ve got until August 14th to do something for celebrities who are doing something good for something or someone in the world.

July 12, 2011

Skin Deep (But In a Good Way)

You don’t have to be an acne-prone adolescent to benefit from Neutrogena's good intentions, but you do have to buy at least a couple of its products. During the company’s second annual “Wave of Change” campaign - which runs through July and August - the top-selling skin care brand is donating $1 to GlobalGiving for every product sold and registered on its site.

Because you and I both know that a good promotion always involves a celebrity component, I can happily report that Neutrogena has enlisted the help of three of the nation’s top teen sensations:
Hayden Panettiere, Miranda Cosgrove, and Vanessa Hudgens. Each of these brand ambassadors has picked their own personal favorite cause: the environment, education and disaster relief, respectively.

In addition to providing sheer star appeal, these busy celebs have taken the time to design cool
tote bags that you can get for free when you purchase two or more Neutrogena products at your local Target store.

here to create your own wave of change (what does that actually mean, btw?) in the world, courtesy of Neutrogena.

July 8, 2011

Ewe Decide

Here's an incredibly creative idea from across the pond that could surely inspire a similar effort by some well-endowed, agriculture-oriented charity in the U.S. The UK's National Trust is betting the farm on a participative program that connects regular folk with the rewards and (sometimes tough) realities of farming. As The Guardian newspaper explains:

"A large working farm will be taken over for the first time by web users ... who will vote on every key decision taken on its cattle, pigs, sheep and crops.

"The MyFarm experiment hands over power at The National Trust's 2,500-acre Wimpole Estate farm in Cambridgeshire, UK. Up to 10,000 farming novices will choose which bull to buy, which crop to plant and whether to spilt fields to resurrect lost hedgerows."

This month's highlight is a “You Choose the Ewes” vote, which gives the public an opportunity to decide whether Wimpole farm (so cute!) will expand its flock with 100 rare breed sheep or purchase the commercial, um, sort. This decision, obviously, is important in terms of “financial consequences, the implications for rare-breed bloodline and environmental impacts, as well as lambing rates and the time taken to rear lambs for market.”

The only mystery is why the pun in the headline above didn't occur to - or was considered but discarded by - the lucky bugger who was given the job of writing the press release.

July 1, 2011

Sock It To 'Em

This post's a straightforward, no-nonsense effort to spread the word about a great new program called Socks For America. Believe it or not, socks are one of the most needed items among families in distress. I’m guessing that shoes top the list, but there’s another charity taking care of that.

Which leads us back to the sock problem.
K.I.D.S (Kids in Distressed Situations) has teamed up with America’s largest sock manufacturer to donate one million pairs of socks to charitable organizations across the U.S. From small homeless shelters to large food banks serving thousands, the socks will provide comfort for one million (literally) sockless individuals throughout the year.

Just “like” them on
Facebook, click the “Donate” button and No nonsense (with no capital - I checked) will donate one pair of socks in your name. As of today, they’ve reached over 50,000 pairs, which means they need a lot more friends. Help spread the sock love here.