July 1, 2011

Sock It To 'Em

This post's a straightforward, no-nonsense effort to spread the word about a great new program called Socks For America. Believe it or not, socks are one of the most needed items among families in distress. I’m guessing that shoes top the list, but there’s another charity taking care of that.

Which leads us back to the sock problem.
K.I.D.S (Kids in Distressed Situations) has teamed up with America’s largest sock manufacturer to donate one million pairs of socks to charitable organizations across the U.S. From small homeless shelters to large food banks serving thousands, the socks will provide comfort for one million (literally) sockless individuals throughout the year.

Just “like” them on
Facebook, click the “Donate” button and No nonsense (with no capital - I checked) will donate one pair of socks in your name. As of today, they’ve reached over 50,000 pairs, which means they need a lot more friends. Help spread the sock love here.

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