August 25, 2011

Rally Around This

It's pretty appalling that schools nationwide are cutting back on children’s valuable recess time. What’s next, evil playtime snatchers, naptime?

Well, Dannon and its Danimals brand aren’t taking this news lying down. They’re rallying moms and kids across the nation to take back recess time with an ingenious new initiative called “Rally for Recess.”

You can join this crucial cause by collecting codes from specially marked Danimals products and then registering them (along with your school) online. Participating schools will compete neck and neck to win a $20,000 playground makeover, complete with an ultimate all-day recess celebration.

To keep things fair, schools are separated into five different leagues - Badger, Wildcat, Gator, Bear, and Rhino – according to their student size. You’ve got until February 8 to score big for your school and help re-instate recess for good.

Learn more about Rally for Recess here.

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