October 20, 2011

Go With the Flow

Move over kickball and monkey in the middle: yoga might be rolling onto a playground (mat) near you. With the recent launch of its Yoga-Recess campaign, The Yoga Health Foundation is working hard to bring yoga out of the studio and into schools across the nation.

If you’re a teacher who likes the idea of integrating more balance - via Downward Dog and Dolphin pose - into your classroom, you could win a $500-$1,000 grant for explaining how you’d go about doing it (in 250 words or less.)

You should also include your name, phone number and e-mail, plus a few other details such as school name and address; grade or subject you teach; number of students you wish to reach; principal or administrator’s name, phone number and e-mail address; and finally, a little about your yoga background (if you’ve got one) in 100 words or less.

Now take a deep breath and be sure to send your submission to essay@yoga-recess.org before December 4. Namaste.

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