October 18, 2011

Phone It In

There's quite a lot to like about Nokia. In addition to making chic phones loved by chic Europeans (at least before the iPhone came along), the quirky Finnish phone giant's core values are just clunky enough to suggest that it used Google Translate for its English-language Web sites. I give you this: “Passion for Innovation, Very Human, Achieving Together and Engaging You.”

How adorable is that?

Anyway, Nokia is searching for charities that embody those values for its Nokia Care US Contest (clunk!). If you know of a nonprofit that fits the bill, you’ve got until November 2 to nominate them, and give them a shot at winning $2,500.

Just submit a short essay (250 words maximum) that conveys what the charity means to you, along with a photo that captures the good it does, to na.ps@nokia.com.

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